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Children’s Laureate 

The role of Children’s Laureate is awarded once every two years to an eminent writer or illustrator of children’s books to celebrate outstanding achievement in their field …. please click on the link below for more information.


How we teach reading at Crowcroft Park.

From Year 1 – Year 6 every class starts the day by reading – as soon as the children come in to school they get a book and sit down – this first ten minutes of the day is spent sharing books, with an adult, reading silently, or discussing books with a friend. The staff listen to some children read their reading books and talk to children about their reading logs and what they have been reading at home.

From 9.00 am all the children start their ‘Guided Reading’ lesson – in some classes the teacher and the teaching assistant work with a group of 6 children each using a text at their reading level. Each lesson will teach a specific objective that the teacher has chosen. The children’s understanding is checked through questioning and new vocabulary is introduced and discussed. The children are encouraged to ask their own questions and predict what is going to happen throughout the lesson.

Some classes work with larger groups of children developing reading skills through our ‘Cracking Comprehension’ resource.

Children in Reception all have a guided reading session with their teachers each week and the nursery children are introduced to guided reading when it is appropriate.

Reading skills are then taught throughout the curriculum throughout the day.

Staff look for opportunities out of the literacy sessions to teach, reinforce and revisit reading skills and particularly in writing discussion take place about why authors have chosen particular words/ phrases and the impact it has on the story.

Every class has a read aloud session every day.

Reading areas around our school

At Crowcroft Park we want our children to develop a love of books and we make sure our environment reflects this.

The children in our reception class love their reading corner

In Year 1 the children have opportunities to share books with their friends and find out about different authors. They also have space to read outside


In Year 5 a wide variety of books and learning prompts ensures the children remain enthusiastic about their reading.

We set up reading hubs around school to encourage the children to take every opportunity to read and share books.

Photographs from our reading meeting

Help your child to learn and spell to read the key words automatically – play snap, memory games, make stepping stones, find the tricky parts in each word to help your child remember how to spell it.

Make learning the words FUN!

Make time EVERY SINGLE DAY for reading!


Help your child learn the sounds the different letters make – ask your child’s class teacher which phonics phase they are working on.

Join the local library

Visit our school library EVERY week!

Encourage your child to read for pleasure by sharing books with them, modelling your love of reading and by making a quite space in your house where everyone can read together.