Welcome to Year 3

Hello and Welcome the Year 3 blog! I hope you will find it interesting and enjoy having an insight into the life of your child at school.

We use blogs at Crowcroft Park to give our children a way of celebrating their learning, sharing their ideas, and showing the world what they can do.

I look forward to reading all your comments.

Thank you,

Mr. Moors

Our Teacher

My name is Mr Moors. Hello!
I have been a teacher for four years and started working at Crowcroft Park in September 2014.
I enjoy reading, snowboarding and playing the drums. I hope YOU enjoy reading our blog!

I like Year 3 because... I have lots of freinds in the class (Shanae), I like learning about adventure stories (Dua), I like playing basketball (Aisha N), I liked going to the Air Raid Shelters, especially when it was pitch dark! (Ozzy), I like going to the library (Ziyan).

I like Mr Moors because... he is kind (Francisca), he tells us all the answers (Adam), he has a nice smile (Aliy), he helps us with our work (Abdullah), he is good at Top Trumps (Hassan), he teaches us new things (Aqsa), he helps us improve our handwriting (Rakib), he is a good talking partner (Rehan), he has nice glasses! (Hatem)