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Airport Poems


You may have seen pictures of our recent trip to the airport on the school’s main website…

If not – have a look now!

When we returned, the children were so inspired by their experience they decided to write some poems about the airport!

We then scanned the poems and e-mailed them to the visitor’s centre.

We received a very exciting reply: they are so impressed with the children’s work they have decided to put some of the poems on their Facebook page!

The nine poems I have posted here are the ones that were selected to appear on Manchester Airport’s Facebook page.

When the poems have been posted, I will share a link to the page on our blog.

For now though, have a look at the amazing writing the children have produced, and as always – PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT!

Y3 Crowcroft Park Airport Poems


June 17th, 2016

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