Welcome to Year 5!

Welcome back Year 5! We are really looking forward to an exciting year ahead working with all of you. We will be using the blog to keep you updated on what we have been doing in class and school. This is also a place where you will be able to find information such as any school trips and/or upcoming events.

You might be wondering ‘what is a blog?’ Well a blog is essentially a website or an on-line space where children can access, display and share learning/information with an authentic audience.

As you can see, the blog is an amazing tool that has huge potential to enhance children’s learning (a blog is not a chat room). We will use our blog to share information about what is happening in our class.

For more information PLEASE come and speak to myself or any member of staff. We are always there to help with any queries :)

Our Teacher

Ms Nunn is a very nice teacher her birthday is in October and she has banana case to hold her banana. Miss Hanif is a very kind and helpful who helps us during our computing lessons. By Abdullah

Mrs Nunn is super kind because she helps us with all our work. Mrs Nunn helps us in all the subjects and gymnastics. Miss Hanif is super wiz at computing and she knows how to do lots of things. By Aliy

Mrs Nunn is kind and helpful. I like to get the math cushion. By Amari

I like Ms Nunn because she gives us Golden tickets and Ms Nunn is helpful. I like Miss Hanif becase she is good at computing and she is helpful because if you don’t know anything Miss Hanif will come to help you. By Aqeel

Ms Nunn is a kind and generous teacher. She plans fun lessons for us and she is funny. She is helpful and loyal. Miss Hanif is the best at computing.She always looks really pretty and she is super caring and lovely. By Bisma

Ms Nunn is kind and helpful. Ms Hanif is good at computing and she helps in maths. By Foisal.

Ms Nunn is an amazing teacher because she is kind and helpful. Ms Hanif is a super wiz and a good coder she will help you code. Mr Valentine is a sports person who has some remarkable skills. By Hassan

Useful Links for Year 5!


ICT Links


If you have any other useful links to share on the blog, please come and speak to Mrs Nunn or Miss Hanif!