Welcome to Year 6

At last our class is in Year Six,
The hard work has just begun.
But being kind and helping out,
Means we still have lots of fun!
Please visit our blog to find out more
And see lots of photos too,
Of trips and treats as well as news
Of everything we do.

Our Teacher

Ms Nunn is a very nice teacher her birthday is in October and she has banana case to hold her banana. By Abdullah

Mrs Nunn is super kind because she helps us with all our work. Mrs Nunn helps us in all the subjects and gymnastics. By Aliy

Mrs Nunn is kind and helpful. I like to get the math cushion. By Amari

I like Ms Nunn because she gives us Golden tickets and Ms Nunn is helpful. By Aqeel

Ms Nunn is a kind and generous teacher. She plans fun lessons for us and she is funny. She is helpful and loyal. By Bisma

Ms Nunn is kind and helpful. By Foisal.

Ms Nunn is an amazing teacher because she is kind and helpful. By Hassan