Welcome to Year 6

At last our class is in Year Six,
The hard work has just begun.
But being kind and helping out,
Means we still have lots of fun!
Please visit our blog to find out more
And see lots of photos too,
Of trips and treats, as well as news
Of everything we do.

Our Teacher

Mrs Nunn is a funny and caring teacher. She is always helping other children. She is also very polite. By Hadia

Banana enthusiast! By Tallia

Mrs Nunn is a marvellous, magnificent and kind teacher. She also carries a banana holder in her bag! When I get stuck, Mrs Nunn is always there to help me.

Mrs Nunn is kind and very clever. She helps me a lot with my education. By Tasmina

I like Mrs Nunn because she is a good teacher and she teaches me everything that I don't know. By Saif

Mrs Nunn is very kind and funny, and she helps me when I am struggling. By Hajira

Mrs Nunn is very kind and polite and she doesn't shout when someone makes a mistake. By Tanzeela

Mrs Nunn is polite and a little strict but she is still a kind teacher. By Amna