24 October 2019

We have really enjoyed learning about Diwali this week. The parents and children listened to a story about Peppa Pig and how she and her brother George celebrate Diwali at home with their family before making their own diva lamps that were later decorated.

Although a lot of us do not celebrate in our class it was really interesting to learn about another cultural tradition and how some families around the world celebrate different festivals than ourselves.

I would like to take the opportunity to once again thank all our parents in FS1 as they really supported what we were trying to achieve: learning that we are different and it is interesting and exciting to learn about other cultural celebrations that we are not so familiar with.

After reading the story of Peppa’s Diwali the children enjoyed acting out key scenes using Peppa’s family puppets in the wooden house in the small world area e.g. preparing a special Diwali meal for the family in the kitchen; standing in the garden watching the fireworks. It was lots of fun and yet another way of exploring Diwali and the different ways that some families celebrate this special time.

Happy Diwali everyone!


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