27 October 2019

We would like to say how enjoyable it has been for the staff in Nursery this half term. We have loved meeting you all and getting to know our new children and parents. It has been wonderful to see how well the children have already settled into their new class and the lovely new friendships that are beginning to blossom.

The transitional period can be a difficult time for everyone and it takes a lot of patience from parents at the beginning while each child gradually builds up to a full time place. I would like to thank our parents once again for their patience during this time and hope they can see that gradually building up to a longer day in nursery was the best way forward. We are happy that all our nursery children are with us full time now and they make up such a lovely class!

Shortly after the half term break there will be a parents evening so we can talk to you properly about how your child has settled in and you will be able to raise any questions or queries that you may have.

Just a few reminders…

*If you have not yet managed to get hold of a new school water bottle, book bag or PE bag please can you do so as soon as possible – the staff in the main office will be happy to help you with this

*Please check your child’s PE bag regularly to make sure they have at least one full set of spare clothes in case they are needed during the day. Sets of clothes must include underwear and socks

*Please ensure that your child wears the correct school uniform to nursery each day, including black shoes. If your child comes to school in their wellington boots on a rainy morning, please bring their school shoes so they can be changed on arrival. A suitable coat with a hood is very important as your child’s  learning time during the day will take place both inside and out

*As we have now introduced our Friday Library Morning sessions, please remember to return your child’s book by Thursday so they can be ticked off the list and can then choose a new book to borrow – we aim for every child to take a book home each week

*Remember if there is anything that you would like to share with us about what your child has been learning at home, remember to collect a speech bubble sheet from the basket at the main entrance as we would love to involve them in your child’s learning journey. Learning can take place anywhere, not just at Nursery!

Thank you all for your ongoing support and we look forward to working with you all again after the half term break. We hope you enjoy your week away.

The Nursery Team

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