26 March 2020

Hi there Year 2!

I hope you're keeping yourselves busy while school is closed. 

Thank you to those children who have already sent me emails of their amazing work. 

If you haven't sent one yet, what are you waiting for? 

My email address is: 


Please send me an email to show me what you have been getting up to!

Just in case anyone missed the list of useful websites for home learning that was given out (it should be inside your reading diary), I'm going to post links to the websites here. If you need your child's username and password for any of the sites, please email me on the above address and I'll send them to you directly. 






Log on, log in and get learning!

Mr Moors 

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30 March 2020

We will visit these websites today and thank you fro helpful blog.
Stay safe

Mr Moors
3 April 2020

Well done Jannat! Thanks for your comment. Keep up the good work!

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