1 April 2020

Bored at home?
(Year 6)

It was lovely to catch up with many of you on the phone yesterday and to hear how well you are all coping being away from school. If I haven't managed to catch up with you, I will keep trying!
Lots of you tell me you have enough work to be getting on with for now    but are finding it difficult to find many different things to keep busy inside. Some of you have also told me how you have been playing the card games with your families that I taught you on the last day of school - this is great!
Therefore, I have made a PowerPoint of 10 family card games that you could learn and teach your family to play. I would love to know how you get on and which your favourites are - you can always comment below!
#BeKind #KeepActive #KeepLearning #KeepInTouch #KeepSmiling #FamilyFun #StaySafe

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zahra year6
2 April 2020

these games are a-mazing i can play with it for more then 2 whole hours

Mrs Nunn
3 April 2020

So glad you are enjoying them, Zahra. Do you have a particular favourite game yet?

Miss Chronnell
3 April 2020

So glad you’re enjoying the card games Zahra - happy to hear you’re keeping busy!
Atiqa what wonderful writing! I’ll email you about it today.

6 April 2020

My favorate game is snap and old maid I also play with cards that we were given with my family.It is sooo much fun

Zainab Year 6 2020
2 October 2020

Just saying I tried these challenges and guess

Zainab Year6 2020
2 October 2020

Just saying I tried these games and I fell in luv with it. I could play forever if I had superpowers so i couldnt sleep

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