7 April 2020



The children in Year 2 have been very busy indeed!

Today we are going to share some more of the fantastic work children have been doing at home while school is closed. 


Remember: if you want to share some work, email it to me at: 



First up today... it's Saif!

Saif has been working really hard at home, and getting creative too! He has been doing some lovely painting, as well as some super maths work. Keep it up Saif! 



Next... it's Abdul!

Abdul has been really busy, doing lots of excellent maths work and practising his spellings too. Well done Abdul! Keep up the good work!



Sulaiman is the next child who deserves a big WELL DONE!

Sulaiman has been doing lots of maths, as well as practising his spelling, writing sentences, and even writing a letter to his teacher.

Thanks Sulaiman, I'm really proud of you!



Jannat N has sent another fantastic video which you can see on our YouTube channel.

This time it's a poem about... White loo rolls! Here's the poem: 

Follow this link to see the video: 


What fantastic expression she has used! A brilliant performance! Well done Jannat!


I am so impressed with all the work that children in Year 2 have been doing. I bet you are too!


Well done everybody, keep doing your best, and stay safe. 


Mr Moors



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