20 April 2020


Hi there, 

It's time to say another big WELL DONE to all the children in Year 2 who have sent emails with their amazing homework!

If you haven't sent me anything yet, here's my email address: 


I would love to see what you have been up to!


First up today its... Fatima!

Fatima has done some fantastic writing. Check out her interesting descriptions of different story settings! She has also done loads of maths work and an amazing rainbow picture to thank all the NHS workers who are keeping us safe (see above).

Brilliant work Fatima!



Next, its... Saif! Saif has done some brilliant Geography work about the seven continents of the world. Well done Saif!


If you want to remind yourself about the names of the seven continents, watch this video (and join in with the song - you know the words!)


You can practise the five oceans song too:



Let's say well done to... Sulaiman! He has written this super poem about Coronavirus: 


You can watch a video of Sulaiman performing his poem on our YouTube channel: 



Another person who has written a fantastic poem is... Jannat N!

She has written, decorated and performed this amazing poem about Easter: 


You can see a video of Jannat performing her poem here: 


Well done Jannat! What an excellent performance!


Someone else who has been writing poetry is... Awais! 

He has written a poem about how much he misses school: 


Well done Awais! We are all missing school and hope we will be back in our classroom very soon!


Have a look at this amazing homework by... Husnain!

Husnain has been doing some maths and English work from his pack. Well done Husnain, keep it up!



Jessica has been doing some really interesting things at home. Have a look at her volcano experiment!

That looks really exciting! I'd love to have a go at it when we're back at school. 

Jessica has also done some lovely art work: 


Well done Jessica, keep up the good work!


Marwa has been writing more diary entries. What beautiful handwriting! Well done Marwa!



And finally... Abdul! Abdul has been doing some super reading comprehension activities. Well done Abdul! Keep up the good work.



I'm so impressed with all the work you have sent me. Please keep sending me emails to show me what you have been doing!


If you haven't done any Accelerated Reader quizzes yet, try one now!

Follow this link: 


Your username is the first letter of your first name and the first four letters of your second name

Eg: nmoor

Your password is: abc (same password for everyone).


Last of all... parents, please look out for the email inviting you to sign in to our new Class Dojo page. 

Well done to Adam, Fatima and Jannat S who have already signed in. There are some videos, stories and questions on there to have a go at.


Until next time... stay safe and keep up the good work.


Mr Moors


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