22 April 2020

Hi everyone

I hope you are all keeping healthy and working hard with all the different activities you have been given by your teachers.

We have been working hard to try and get Poppy to be as interested in reading as you are but it was proving to be very difficult! But once we found the right book for her she loved it!  Good Little Wolf for a good little dog!

Can you believe she likes to chew cushions, shoes, jumpers, socks and BOOKS?  Poppy is very clever and loves learning; she has learnt to do lots of different tricks – check out the school YouTube channel to see what she can do!

I know you have been emailing your teachers with lots of the different activities you are doing so a big well done to everyone.

I am sure you have done loads of reading too and hopefully done lots of accelerated reader quizzes. I will be checking who is the reading champion for each    class next week on accelerated reader so get quizzing! 

If you are running out of books look in the Reading section of the school website for different ways of reading books online.

Check out Manchester City Council Website -  Libraries they have a ‘Borrowbox section’ where you can download books/comics to read or listen to on line.

Listen to stories on  https://www.storylineonline.net/library/

If Poppy loves reading you will too!


Mrs Mottram & Poppy


Poppy is learning to find her toys, please click on the link below to see the video:



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Mrs Nunn
22 April 2020

Wow! Poppy really does seem to be enjoying a good book, and in the sunshine too! It would be great to see where you children are all enjoying your reading and I know I am keeping a close eye on Year 6 quizzing too!

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