21 May 2020



Reading at home

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is ok and you are all managing to keep busy!

I know lots of you have been trying to keep up with your reading at home and you have been reading lots of different things particularly on line. It is always good to reread books that you have enjoyed and you can talk to your family about what you liked about the book and why they should read it too!

Try not to worry too much about what you are reading and remember you can read leaflets, comics, recipes and instructions on a webpage too. Why not set yourself a challenge? How many different things can you read in a day?


Keep talking about your reading and next time you speak to a friend or a member of your family ask them what they have been reading.


It is a very difficult time for everyone at the moment but one day all the libraries, book corners and book shops will be open again and we will be able to get back to reading lots of different BOOKS!


Until we can do this remember to use the websites listed on the school webpage and read in as many different places in your house as possible!



‘Reading gives us a place to go when we have to stay where we are!’


Stay safe and carry on reading


Mrs Mottram and Poppy


Posted by Paula Hoque

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