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How parents can support PE at home

Through our PE curriculum we aim to:

  • Inspire children to succeed and excel in physical education and school sport
  • Give every child the opportunity to enjoy and experience a range of activities that develop their health, fitness and well-being

Our curriculum is designed so that:

  • Children have opportunities to develop skills enabling them to become physically confident in a way that supports their health and fitness
  • Skills, tactical awareness and resilience are built up over time
  • Children have regular opportunities to compete in sport within lessons

Curriculum Map for PE

National Curriculum


After school clubs

Day and time

Year groups

Sports club / place / coach

Tuesday 3:15pm - 4:00pm Year 5 - Year 6 Football Club with Mr Bunbury
Thursday 3:15pm - 4:15pm Year 2 - Year 3 Multisports in the hall with sports provider
Friday 3:15pm-4:15pm Year 4 – Year 6 Gymnastics in the hall with sports provider


"We get to play lots of different sports" - Aswari Campbell Y2

"I've learnt a lot of new skills" - Jannat Nawaz Y2

"Multi-sports keeps me healthy" - Husnain Rafique Y2

"I love it when we play dodgeball" - Yaseen Ahmed Y3

Daily Mile

As part of the daily mile initiative, the children from Y2 - Y6 are given the opportunity to complete 15 minutes of walking, jogging or running every week.  Each session lasts for 15 minutes and takes place in all weathers.  Children try to do as many laps as they can in 15 minutes and are encouraged to beat their own previous record. 

We believe that it helps the children to focus and concentrate in the classroom and raise their attainment.  Most importantly, the children enjoy it and  there is no PE kit needed !

We are implementing The Daily Mile for the children at Crowroft Park and will ensure its health and well-being benefits are available for everyone.

Find out more about the daily mile initiative at: 

Taking the Daily Mile One Step Further - Linking it to Learning ...


Extra Curricular PE

"I like bike riding because it makes you better at riding a bike" - Daud Y2